How did it all start?

“Astute” derived from a character in my Chinese name, being “俐”(li). It is often defined as being clever, witty, and having the ability to understand a situation quickly and see how to take advantage of it. To me, this is the exact process of sourcing items and identifying their potential to be transformed.

I have always harboured a love for vintage and secondhand items, and you can find me on the weekends scouring for the best pieces in op shops, warehouse sales, consignment stores for anything - from fashion items to homewares. 

I created Astute Jewellery to do “better”— better quality jewellery, better transparency and better for our environment. I aim to create a more sustainable and conscious shopping experience. All of our pieces are sourced with care and created with love. 

I understand how important it is to know the origins of each of your pieces, that is why I always show you where they have been reworked from. I work with trusted retailers that have in-house experts and external authenticators to ensure we only use genuine products. I constantly strive to educate ourselves through extensive research and to improve our practices. 

Astute Jewellery is my creative outlet and my joy. Thank you for joining me in my journey in creating authentic repurposed designer jewellery that is accessible to everyone.

We are not affiliated or associated with any of the brands or trademarks.